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Vhomes are Vacation Homes particularly let by Vnet, including holiday bungalows, condos, apartments and homestays that are carefully selected and listed onto the panel. Every Vhome is unique and has its own speciality in terms of capacity, location, features, size, etc. Below is the list of Vhomes that are for rent currently, subjected to their occupancy status respectively. Besides that, you may also want to look into details of Vhomes in Ipoh or Port Dickson.


Vhome 3117

Vhome 3122


Vhome 7171

Port Dickson

Vhome 7032 A

Vhome 7032 B

Vhome 7051

Vhome 7052

Vhome 7053

Vhome 7091

Vhome 7113

Vhome 7115

Vhome 7116

Vhome 7118

Vhome 7125

Vhome 7126

Vhome 7127 A

Vhome 7127 B

Vhome 7127 C

Vhome 7128

Vhome 7129

Vhome 7131

Vhome 7134

Vhome 7135

Vhome 7136

Vhome 7151DL51

Vhome 7151DL55

Vhome 7151FL26

Vhome 7153A201

Vhome 7153A202

Vhome 7153A501

Vhome 7154C420

Vhome 7161

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