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Rental Request

Please submit your Rental Request with the form below.
All information are neccessary (unless otherwise stated), incomplete form will not be processed but rejected.
I would like to request as follows:

Booking code: (eg. Vh7113, see list of booking codes)
Quantity: unit(s), or pax, if applicable
Check-in date: (Example: 31-Dec-2014)
Check-out date: (Example: 01-Jan-2015)
Full name:
NRIC/Passport#: (Eg.999999-99-9999)
Handphone#: (Eg.012-9999999)
Payment modeFund-Transfer or Bank-in to our account
Credit Card via Paypal
Important notice:
All requests are processed on first come first served basis;
All requests are subjected to final approval by owner(s);
Our officer will reply as soon as possible, usually in 1 working hour.
Payment must be made WITHIN ONE HOUR upon approval.

YES, I have accepted the respective terms and conditions and the above notice.