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Condos / Apartments | Guide

These are condos and apartments for rent as Vhomes by private owners, not by the resort. No breakfast provided.

Bayu Beach

Blue Lagoon

Paradise Lagoon

Seri Bulan

Vhomes in Bayu Beach Apartments

Vhome 7152AP14

Vhomes in Blue Lagoon Condominium

Vhome 7154C420

Vhome 7154C419


Vhomes in Paradise Lagoon Apartments

Vhome 7151DL51

Vhome 7151DL55

Vhome 7151FL26

Vhomes in Seri Bulan Condominium

Vhome 7153A501

Vhome 7153A709

Vhome 7153A201

Vhome 7153A202