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Funny Mountain Soya Bean | Local Biz | Guide

It is claimed that Ipoh or Kinta Valley water makes this soy drink tasty. This drink is good for the body after travelling on a very hot day. The soya bean is fresh, sweet and smooth. Once you are drinking this soya bean curd, you can feel the smoothness and freshness of the soya bean smoothing down through your throat. It is served steaming hot with pandan syrup. The stall named Kei Foong, or Funny Mountain in English, is located at Osbourne Street (Jalan Tahwil Azar), near Restaurant Foh San. It has a drive-in delivery service. Also try the following delicious varieties:
- soymilk only
- soymilk mixed with cincau
- soybean curd with soymilk.
The Funny Mountain shop is open from 10.00am while stock last!

No.49, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +60(12)5161607

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